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Born and raised in Wallaceburg, Ontario, started on his first drums at about 8 years old. Not focusing on any particular genre kept his options open to any road he may have wanted to travel. High school gave more influences of the big band/jazz era and eventually joined his first band at the age of 17.
Over the years Shawn got to play with artists such as Robin
Banks, Laurie Scott and managed to do his first US tour with Dan Knight & Rebel Heart as modern contemporary country band. Opening for artists such as Ricky Van Shelton, Ricochet, The Buffalo Club, Diamond Rio and many other venues all over the United States and Canada. Shawn, managed to fulfill many of his endeavors before settling down to family life.

He then joined up with Jeff Black and Tony Bandoni to form the Twang Bastards, an eclectic collaboration of material ranging from the likes of Johnny Cash to Rage Against the Machine, to Metallica and much more. In 2013, the Twang Bastards were asked to backup Nashville recording artist, Tanya Marie Harris, out of Cambridge, Ontario. Shortly, when Tanya’s career was looking towards the US, and overseas; Shawn bowed out of the project to stay home with his family.

In 2014, Shawn joined the band Snakebite, a 10 year band who just released their first single on the radio, “All Night Long”, and set back into the country music scene once again.